Solutia Revenue Recovery


Between charity care and rising costs, most hospitals operate on such thin margins that every patient payment can make a difference in your organization's profitability — and thus, in your ability to offer the best care. Solutia Revenue Recovery focuses on recovering unpaid consumer obligations to enhance cash flow and improve your balance sheet. Read more...


The amount of unpaid fees, fines and costs in every state is growing, with offenders squeezed by tough economic times and disregard of their obligations. Solutia Revenue Recovery has a long history of successfully recovering delinquent payments for cash-strapped county and city governments. Read more...

Time is money, and these days, both are harder to come by than ever. At Solutia Revenue Recovery, we spend our time getting the money owed to you—quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively.

We specialize in maximizing consumer revenue recoveries for healthcare and government clients. Whether you want to reduce accounts receivable across the revenue cycle or focus on securing overdue fees, fines and costs, we can develop and manage an account recovery program that is just right for your needs and objectives.

After more than 50 years in business, Solutia Revenue Recovery has honed its approach to deliver superior performance for our clients. Our experienced recovery specialists draw on customized training, proven people skills and state-of-the-art tools and processes to increase your total recoveries and accelerate payments.